Saturday, May 27, 2017

Film: Hellboy Double Bill @ Prince Charles Cinema

As part of their Bank Holiday weekend schedule The Prince Charles decided to have a Hellboy double bill

The first film is an origins story telling us how the Nazi's attempts to create a portal to hell was thwarted by allied forces, but before the portal could be closed a demon baby snuck through which was then recruited to fight for the Americans alongside another couple of freaks; a fish man and a girl who can survive her exploding.

The second taps much more into the visual creativity of Guillermo del Toro and has one of the Bros Boys playing a dark elf who wants to release a golden army to destroy the world. 

Both films are great but the first being an origins has fairly direct story line with a lot of introduction to the characters and their relationships. There is much more freedom to explore the characters in the second one so I prefer that. The monsters are very creepy in this one too.

We'll have to wait for until 2018 for the third one and that's rumoured to be a reboot so I'm not sure how it'll end up. These two are great though and Ron Perlman is perfectly cast in these.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Graffiti: Shoreditch

Dirty Vegas @ Oval Space

Sometimes you see a band you grow up announcing a tour and you get nostalgic and you think "I'll go to that, I'd love to hear tune X live". Well Dirty Vegas announcing such a tour made us do just that. I loved "Days Go By" which if you can find the right video is still an amazing vid to a great track, and one of my all time top dance tracks.

Sometimes when you go and see those bands you get the opportunity to wallow in nostalgia. Leftfield had tapped into that perfectly with their Leftism tour. Other artists are continually redefining their sound and leaving the past in the past...this is what we got tonight. Richard Fearless created Death in Vegas but was using the old band name to attract a crowd to his latest project "Transmission"

It's a combination of bizarre electronic noise with mumbled vocals from former porn star Sasha Grey.

We could barely work out what she was saying ("mirror", "flesh", "mirror") and the sound she was mumbling over the top of had no discernible beat. It was apparently inspired by sounds being made outside of his studio.

So, we didn't get it, and not getting what we were expecting we left part way through. He did tweet that the previous night's performance was off the hook. It needs to be put back on there.

To help you judge for yourself here's a video they bothered to make. Sasha did get some interest from the crowd, stupid me didn't twig who she was until after the second track whilst I was distracting myself with google searches whilst they played.

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