Friday, February 08, 2013

West Coast Trip

First major trip of the year was a 10 day trip to the American West taking in Seattle, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Most of the time would be spent in Vegas, I'd have a weekend in each of the other 2 cities. Having ridden too many rollercoasters this year I decided to have a break and this trip was instead aiming to visit as many Cirque de Soleil shows as I could.

Vegas is the home to a large number of shows with 7 currently showing and an eighth recently announced to open later in 2013. I'd seen the 2 biggest: Ka and O back in 2010 and the plan was to see the other 5. In researching the trip I noticed a travelling show in Seattle, hence the reason for including that. Whilst visiting LA in 2012 I didn't have the time to see Iris, the Cirque show there and vowed to see it again. However between pulling the flight together and going, that show was cancelled. So I decided to do a live gig instead.

In my 20s I was hooked on a cult TV show called Twin Peaks and vowed if I ever visited Washington state I would endeavour to go and check out the locations, so I included that in the trip too.

Trip Report

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