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Rainbow Magicland

This is just a quick report and selection of photos. To see the rest of the images click here.

I had a spare couple of days prior to heading out to Sweden (oh, hark at this globetrotter) so I decided to head out to Rainbow Magicland, a new park located in the small town of Valmonte, approximately 30km east of Rome, which opened this month. The park is getting a lot of attention due to the quality of theming, which is pretty top notch from the entrance right through the park.

The park's signature attraction is a large Maurer-Sohne launched rollercoaster called Shock. Located just next to the end of main street and running out over the central lake, the steam-punk themed ride looks to be a great choice for the park indeed. Although not carrying passengers on the day I was there the ride was being tested throughout which elicited very positive reactions from the public watching it, despite not being able to ride.

The park currently has two water rides and both are encountered if you …


With the Lisbon out of the way it was then time to visit Seville. This should have been a half hour flight but availability is low and I had to fly via Barcelona where I was delayed for four hours. So arriving quite late I chose to just hit the hotel for preparation a long day sightseeing the next day.
This was my base for Seville, the Hotel Derby. There's a shortage of chain hotels here so I ventured for a local one-off. It's located in the centre of town and is perfectly located in the centre of the city.
 An early start to the day and I was already liking the architecture. The smaller building is a great cake shop and due to it being just around the corner from the hotel was visited by this person on more than one occasion.

 Cute graff.

 A rather nice church which unfortunately gave me an Assassins Creed "I could climb that" flashback.

This was stunning and a complete fluke to find as it's not currently visible on imagery within Google Earth. Called the Seville Par…