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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

My main reason to visit Abu Dhabi was to visit the newly opened Ferrari World Theme Park which after a downplayed opening at the end of October eventually opened properly for it's soft-launch on November 4th. My visit took place on the following weekend during the F1 Grand Prix event and festivities.

Rather weirdly the entrance to the park is not under Ferrari log on the south side of the building but via a walkway on the north side. Also in the Emirates the working day starts later than we in the West are used to. The park itself doesn't open until midday. So this not a park to get to too early. With a late opening comes a late closure and this park stays open until 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends, so night time riding is also possible here. In the initial entry hall there are a number of concession stands including a starbucks for those that need to star their day with a coffee. From there an escalator takes you up to the walkway that leads over the road and into t…