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Grafitti tour of London

Well today I decided to see how many pieces of work by Banksy I could find. Along the way I came across some other similar stuff, some of which I've posted here. Plenty of pics, enjoy!
(I can't be arsed putting them in order so apologies for the disjointed sequence)

Here's the first behind Waterloo station and its faded quite badly, hope they're not all like this.

This is more like it, on a road that runs under Waterloo station.

The first of the rat army found along the river behind St. Thomas hospital.

Another south bank rat army.

Around Waterloo station on a storage bin outside a newsagents.

On the south bank opposite the London Aquarium.

Under Waterloo bridge

Found at Waterloo bridge, I'm assuming the B indicates "Banksy"

Near Gabriel's Wharf

Near Blackfriars bridge, not sure its a Banksy though.

Along the South Bank

Along the river near the London Eye.

Couldn't find the one at Embankment station, did find this however.

This is perhaps too faint to see but it…