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Film: The Assignment

Michelle Rodriguez plays a bearded male hitman with an unnecessary big dick who is kidnapped by a Shakespeare-quoting surgeon, played by Sigourney Weaver, and turned into a woman. After shouting "nooooo" at realising the dick has gone and she now has breasts, the Hitwoman seeks her revenge. I watch too many shit movies. This is another but this could end up being a cult film like Showgirls it's so bad.

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Park: Bollywood Park Dubai

A short walk from Legoland and we were at the entrance to the second of the parks, and a unique one at that. 
Bollywood Park is aimed at the Indian population with a number of rides and attractions themed around popular Indian films. Dubai is perfectly placed in the centre of both Western and Asian audiences so it would make sense for there to be a park aimed at people from that part of the world and it appeared to be working with more Indian visitors in this park than Western in Legoland.
In an attempt to educate I'll post something on each of the films that provides the theme to each ride.

The park looks dead, it wasn't mobbed, but I think I got lucky with the shots.
All this decoration for just an ice cream parlour...good ice cream though.
The park doesn't have a centrepiece, it has a backpiece with a huge theatre at the rear of the park acting as the thing to stand in front of to take photos of.  The theatre can sit nearly 900 people and has a couple of shows, none of…

Park: Legoland Dubai

The first coaster trip of the year was with 100 other members of the European Coaster Club who had put together a 5-day tour of Dubai, including a number of brand new parks that had opened only a few months ago.
Our first, which we were arriving at having just landed after an overnight flight, was the Middle East's contribution to the Legoland family. This is one of three parks that make up the new Dubai Parks and Resorts complex. 

There's a shaded Main Street type area full of shops should you wish to buy overpriced bricks, but do that on the way out!
In the centre of the park is the Mini Village which was my favourite part of the park. 

It includes a centrepiece of some of the most famous landmarks in Dubai, mostly skyscrapers. Perhaps not a surprise, and like it's counterpart, the Burj Khalifa is impressive and way larger than anything else around. It's also difficult to fit into it all into a photograph without being far from it. Good practice for photographing the…